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Related Posts Pro Features

Related Posts Pro for WordPress is the most power plugin to add anywhere on your website. The plugin allows site owners to display related posts in a variety of unique layouts using the global setting which shows related posts at the top or bottom of your posts. Alternatively, you can use widgets or shortcodes. Though, the best feature is that you have 10 beautiful layouts that are baked into this wonderful plugin – all for an insanely low price.

  1. Increase click-throughs to your best content by placing related posts at the bottom of your posts, or in your sidebar using a widget or within post content using a shortcode
  2. Decrease your bounce rate by engaging visitors with only related content that interests them
  3. Related posts displayed in any of 10 attractive, eye-catching layouts will get visitors clicking
  4. They’re just awesome!! And we all want more clicks on our website.

Related Posts Pro has many great features.

  • Will NOT impact page load because we use anynchrounous loading and also cache the related posts
  • Setup related posts logic by:
    • CATEGORY – show posts from same category
    • TAG – show posts with the same tags
    • CONTEXT – BIG FEATURE! show posts that are contextually similar based on keywords in title, category, and tags. This is a unique feature that adds even more precision in relating posts.
    • MANUAL SELECTION – choose specific posts that are related to the post you are writing. And if more are needed, the plugin will fill them automatically.
  • Ability to select a date range for eligibility (1 week, month, or year)
  • Show related posts based on most views or most comments
  • Exclude related posts based on: post type, posts in category, or posts with a tag
  • Insert related posts Pro into any post or page via the shortcode builder
  • Show related posts using widgets, shortcodes, or the global setting

We researched and developed the 10 best layouts. Now you can choose any layout and have your Related posts displaying within just 60 seconds. Take a look at these designs.

  1. Inline Card
  2. Stacked Card
  3. Thumbnail
  4. Grid
  5. Slider
  6. Image Tiles
  7. Plain List
  8. Fancy Colors
  9. List
  10. Colored Tabs

Widgets or Shortcodes

Do you want to make sure your Related Posts are easily seen on your blog? Related Posts Pro is the most extensive plugin on the market for displaying your blog’s related posts. Use Related Posts Pro to create beautiful widgets on your site showcasing your most Related posts. You can use Related Posts Pro almost anywhere on your site by adding as a widget or shortcode.

Want More Features?

  • Widget Title: Use any title just like regular widgets.
  • Number of Posts: Select as many Related posts to display as you want.
  • Colors: Customize the text colors and background colors for variousl elements in layouts.
  • Easy HTML & CSS: Customize the output by using easy to target CSS. Each list is unique and can be targeted based on its unique ID. Fully customizable.
  • Time Range: Select from related posts this week, this month, or this year.
  • Ajax Ready: For better performance, load Related Posts asynchronously.
  • Post Meta Data: Display View Count, Comment Count, Category, Author, and/or Date. You decide.
  • 10 Layouts: You dream it and there’s a layout ready to use.
  • Responsive Design: Every layout is responsive and will look right on a tablet or phone.
  • Automatic Plugins Update: Receive plugin updates automatically like any other WordPress plugin.
  • Easy to Install: Install and activate the plugin just as you would any other plugin.

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

If the product does not work as advertised and we cannot fix it within 30 days of purchase, we will refund your purchase. Period.
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