The Hidden Money in Self Publishing

The Hidden Money in Self Publishing

Often people believe that success or failure in self publishing is about the number of copy’s that are sold and the price per copy. They just don’t seem to understand that unlike paper and leather books with the ebook, the opportunity does not end there.

This is only the beginning with ebook publishing the profits will go on and on!

Let’s begin with the first ebook sale, of course the sales page copy was well written and price was set high enough for the original buyer to snatch it up. But then like with the more traditional books it gets talked about and passed on from friend to friend.

While this recommending of your ebook may be great for an author’s fame and ego it does little to fill their pockets with money… the old fashioned way!

Today, with eBooks in the forms of Portable Document Format (PDF) and their ‘clickable’ link capacity, EBooks can become rich with profitable product placements links throughout!

All the profits from the clickable links going straight back to the author each time a clickable affiliate links gets clicked. And this lasts for as long as the ebook is passed around.

Let’s say you write an ebook about your trip to gay Paris inside you have affiliate links from a travel agent who gives you 15% of each commission he collects.

Or let’s imagine that you sell a book about marketing and inside are affiliate links to tools which will help people monetize a website.

In this way every sale of an ebook is a gift to you but every time the book is passed around, that gift, just keeps on giving!

Instead of profits stopping at the point of sale like a paperback or a hardcover book would your profits with an ebook would be just beginning!

You could also just as handily include links to your own products ie. a second or third book also filled with affiliate links.

Imagine every time you quoted a famous author in your own ebook you could turn that quote into a link for your affiliate sales at Amazon!

Using the inter connectivity of eBooks in this way could quite possibly earn you more of an income that actually the sale of the original book!

This is just how some, of the hidden money can be mined!

Pictures that you use to make your ebook ornate could also have links. Imagine a romance novel with pictures of lonely women eating ice cream on a couch could be turned into a lucrative link to Ben and Jerri’s flavor of the month home delivery link!

At the end of your book you can make a bibliography with clickable affiliate links to Amazon links for the books you did research with and on and on.

All you really need to do make residual profits with your ebook is to use your imagination!

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