Writing Your Own Killer eBook

Writing Your Own Killer Ebook

Once you have decided on the topic of your ebook, if you want it to stand head and shoulders above the rest, by creating not only an income from its initial purchase but also build your reputation as and expert worthy of bookmarking and seeking out for further purchases from, you should follow these bits of advice.

Any subject on which you feel capable of providing enough information on to write an ebook should also be researched again fully. By searching for news and or dissenting opinions about the viewpoint you are taking and incorporating them into your content you will make a much more interesting piece of literature.

If by researching you can come up with a wild and unique viewpoint building an ebook around such controversy will attract attention and more sales just be sure that you have enough information to back up your wild claims.

All literature is told in the authors voice but to keep your voice clear and to keep the words flowing and personable try to imagine while you are writing that you are explaining the subject to one specific person that you know from your day to day life.

You can imagine how much better your writing will be when you consider and actual person before you listening to your advice.

Consider the questions they may ask and use examples to help them visualize the concepts. Try to put yourself in the shoes of someone who want to learn the information you are about to provide. What are the results of their emotional state for not knowing the information you are providing. Do they feel ashamed for not knowing the information already? If so, then putting that in perspective before you sit down to the keyboard can make a huge difference in how the reader feels toward you after finishing you ebook.

Many people go online to ask personal questions in anonymity that they would not even imagine asking their closest friends. In this case a gentle touch of reassurance backed up with statistics proving that they are not alone in their fears may make for a much better and possibly recommended ebook on “touchy” subjects.

Finally before you publish have your work proofread by as many people as possible few of us have the ability to proof our own work. A mistake made in writing can easily be slipped over in editing if the same person does both. The most important thing is to have the book understandable by your customer (it doesn’t do any good if you are the only one who can understand it) so test out your ebook on a few friends ask for their input and take any advice they give you to heart.

By adjusting your writing so they can understand it you will have a much more universally accepted piece of literature.

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