Your First Impression Counts

Your First Impression Counts

When selling your ebook online you’ll want to get the highest number of sales and at the highest price. To accomplish this feet you’re going to want to make a great first impression.

You are going to want to show that your ebook comes from a reputable source not some hokey pokey from Pahokee.

How can you accomplish this?

Have stellar graphics don’t settle for blurry ugly graphics only use graphics that look clean and exhibit good looking people enjoying your ebook or the benefits that your ebook through knowledge will provide.

Use graphics that depict a book cover with your eBooks title on it. Make sure this graphic is as real and three dimensional as possible you want to portray an ebook so life like and desirable that customers would be proud of lying on their coffee table.

Next if you can afford to do so, have the book turned into a professional sounding audio ebook, just this added commitment by the publisher to the e-book’s subject matter gives customers more reason to trust in the product.

Use a graphic of someone enjoying listening to the audio while resting or enjoying another activity will show customers how emotionally fulfilling getting this ebook will be.

Use a sample of the audio available on the sales page that plays quickly and shows off both the quality of the audio sound and utilizes an enticing snippet from the ebook.

Sometimes, it is beneficial to leave the listener hanging, so to speak, when using an audio sample in a sales page, so that they are inclined to buy, just to see how it finishes.

Make sure that the colors of the sample player buttons compliment the rest of the page and that everything flows together.

You’ll also want to have on your page a good solid looking guarantee logo that looks official and exudes confidence in the way a sheriffs badge does.

Also choose easy to read fonts for your page that show up well in any kind of browser like “Arial” or “Arial Black”.

Also if you are going to add video to your page make sure that it is high quality and loads fast otherwise you may be better off not wasting the space on your site.

Using high quality graphics as clickable pictures is much better than a text link for motivating buyers. The higher the quality of the graphic here the more confident the buyer is in actually clicking it.

And finally if you don’t want to have your customer back out make sure that when they click the “Buy Now” button that they are transferred to a secure place to enter their information be it PayPal or some other secure payment processor.

It also, doesn’t hurt to keep up the first impression by sending them to a thank you page and download page of similar quality so as they collect their ebook they will feel confident about making a second purchase from you.

To recap, make sure your ebook is represented well all through the shopping and buying process to ensure the best first impression and highest perceived value.

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